1. Sell on craigslist

Find items around the house you aren’t using anymore and put up a listing.

Sell the items you have that are too big to ship on craigslist. Do your research first and see if these things are selling on eBay (if they are selling on eBay, they will sell on craigslist). Then you can list them on craigslist for an appropriate price. Be safe selling on craigslist and just be aware you are meeting a stranger.

2. Sell on eBay

With that same research you can also sell on eBay. I always tried to sell items that didn’t weigh that much and were flexible. That way I didn’t have to use a giant box. Although I did sell “lots” of clothes, so like 34 pieces of clothes, in one listing then had to weigh the box with the clothes in it to calculate the shipping. 

3. Offer laundry service from your home

This is one of the more odd jobs I made for myself. But when you need to make money, you figure it out.

When we first moved to Phoenix, my husband had a few weeks left in the Navy, so he would come to Phoenix on the weekends and be in San Diego for the week. At that time we had two little kids and I needed to make an income. One thing I did was offer laundry services via craigslist..which is funny because I hate doing laundry but Moms will do anything for their family…I did get a few laundry clients. I would pick up their laundry, do it at my house and drop it back off.

4.  Watch a couple of kids

Ultimately this is what made me the most money and gave me the ability to focus on my own kids also. This is not for everyone and you need to know yourself. I grew up around kids and this was natural for me. If you are annoyed easily, find something else to do. Check your state’s guidelines for licensing. I did daycare in 3 states and they were all different.

5. Vacay Visionary

Vacay Visionary has a training course to turn the house you live in into a short-term rental with airbnb. I am going through the course and am in the process of turning my brothers condo, he took a 3 year assignment out of the country, into a short-term rental. His condo is in a desirable area and we will be able to cover his mortgage and make him some money in the process.

Have more questions? I have done a lot of side gigs to make money. Stay tuned and I’ll share more…or leave a comment below

5 Proven ways to make money from home

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